Band Bookings

The goal at the Park is to offer an affordable space to bands, local performances and community events, while still providing top tier facilities for large touring productions.  We are constantly improving our space, and updating our gear so that your playing experience and your fans attending experience is the best.

So why book the Park Theatre?

  1. Cost: Not only is our base rate affordable, but we discount the rate based on volume
  2. Location: Located in centre of Winnipeg, with easy transit routes, accessibility from all parts of the city, and a safe neighborhood where you do not need to worry about your vehicle while attending shows.
  3. We have worked hard on creating an ambiance or look to the Park which is modern, warm and works for all genres of music.
  4. We go above and beyond in delivery.  Constantly promoting shows, offering affordable printing, online tickets, advertising locally, on top of having one of the best (if not the best) sound guys, sound systems and lighting rigs in the city.  Our staff are welcoming, music lovers and can’t wait for your show.
  5. Acoustics and Sound – We sound great, and we are constantly working on improving that great sound.  And our Sound Tech works for you, making sure you sound great.  We know whats going to get you coming back, sounding the best you can sound, and we deliver.

To book your event at the Park Theatre contact Erick Casselman by phone: 204-478-7275 or email

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