The Park Theatre Presents
Unleashed: a Burlesque Menagerie
with Divinne Femmes Burlesque
20:00 pm CDT
CAD30.00 Buy Tickets
Unleashed: a Burlesque Menagerie

Prepare for a night of sensual thievery – we're stealing hearts and leaving alibis at the door!
"Unleashed: A Burlesque Menagerie" isn't just a show—it's an experience that defies boundaries and expectations. Whether you're a long-time admirer of burlesque or a newcomer seeking an unforgettable evening, this production promises to be a captivating journey into the realms of desire, liberation, and self-expression.

Who are the Suspects?

Our darling deviants for this show include:

Venus Von Tramp
Nina Sapphira
Countess Mila
Jasper Cruger
Hellen Bedd
Lavender Landslide
Char Danae
Mr Strange
Hosted by Rosé

Witness 6 new suspects in the line up, to be revealed for the first time.These fresh talents will bring their unique styles, stories, and charisma to the forefront, igniting the stage with energy and passion.

Secure Your Alibi:

Tickets are disappearing faster than a suspect in the night. Ensure your place in the front row of intrigue by snagging your tickets now.. A night of unforgettable performances, jaw-dropping revelations, and a dash of mischief awaits!

Strictly for Adults: 18+

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Indulge your curiosity, embrace the allure, and join us for a night of Bad Alibi Burlesque that will leave you craving more. Will you have an alibi for the night you won't forget?

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